Cash waqf in waqf perak ar-ridzuan (wpar), maipk: a study of implementation, challenges, and prospects.


  • Nor Adila Mohd Noor, Hani Nabilah Mohd Abduh, Che Zuina Ismail, Zakiah Samori, Md. Yazid Ahmad, Salimah Yahaya, Hamizah Muhammad


Cash waqf, Waqf Perak Ar-Ridzuan (WPAR), MAIPk, waqf management.


The Islamic economic system recognises the sharing of income and wealth via instruments like cash waqf. Cash waqf is now a platform that enables Muslims to engage in maliah worship, such as waqf, based on their skills rather than property or permanent assets. Unfortunately, Muslims' interest in conducting cash waqf began to diminish at this time, and Muslims began to refuse to give to this cash waqf due to a lack of confidence in the MAIPk institution as a trustee in managing cash waqf. As a result, the purpose of this study is to examine the implementation of cash waqf in Waqf Perak Ar-Ridzuan (WPAR) by MAIPk in terms of cash waqf management methods in MAIPk, to examine the factors that influence the issues confronting cash waqf contributors in waqf institutions, and to recommend an appropriate solution and any prospects for contributing to the problem's resolution. This qualitative study uses snowball sampling approaches to find research participants and a semi-structured interview method with MAIPk endowment management unit personnel to focus on the implementation of cash handouts in WPAR by MAIPk and cash endowment management. This qualitative research methodology utilises a content analysis study design and a document analysis method approach in the data collection process to achieve the goals. The acquired information and data were examined descriptively. The study results reveal that there are faults in the administration of MAIPk institutions, which leads to a loss of trust in MAIPk institutions among endowment donors and the community. As a result, to address the issue of cash waqf donors' lack of confidence in MAIPk institutions, the administration of waqf institutions, particularly MAIPk, must be more proactive in managing cash waqf funds