Can Innovative Marketing Strategies Influence Generation Y Chinese Tourists to Visit the Community on the Andaman Coast of Thailand?


  • Chunlin Wan, Paithoon Monpanthong


community-based tourism; innovative product strategy, innovative price strategy; innovative channel strategy; innovative promotion strategy; Generation Y Chinese tourists


The Andaman coast of Thailand is a favorite destination for Chinese tourists, but few Chinese tourists know and travel to the local community. In order to explore the innovative marketing strategies that influence Generation Y Chinese tourists to travel to the community on the Andaman coast of Thailand, this study conducted a questionnaire survey on 426 Generation Y Chinese tourists who have visited any community more than twice in three years. Through factor analysis, correlation analysis and multiple regression analysis, it was found that innovative product strategies, innovative price strategies, innovative place strategies and innovative promotion strategies all had a significant impact on their willingness to travel, and revealed the important influencing factors. This provides a reference on innovative marketing strategies for community-based tourism to expand the Chinese market, enhance the service system and customer experience