Mapping out Teacher Education Graduates


  • Nilda T. Aggabao, Normianne M. Tuazon


This study is focused on mapping out the graduates of the Bachelor of Secondary Education (BSED) of the Isabela State University, Cabagan Campus in terms of their professionalization, employability, professional competence, perception about the curriculum and employers’ feedback on graduates to provide grounds for revision and enhancement of the implementation of this program. Infact, graduates have greater chance to be licensed, high rate of employability for both teaching and non-teaching profession and the knowledge and skills they acquired were match with their jobs.   Meanwhile, advanced and enhanced knowledge and skills in ICT, instructional materials (IM) development, leadership and management, entrepreneurial and ability to contextualized teaching and learning are necessary to ensure their capability to be adaptive in the rapid change and development of technology and challenges in the educational land scape.  Graduates’ work performance is commendable but may still be improved so that full satisfaction among employers be attained in order to foster smooth relationship and further contribute to the attainment of vision, mission and goals of the school/organization they are connected.A thorough review of institution’s supply of student-entrants/graduates in order to match with the teacher-demand manpower resources of basic education.