The Coins of Khorezmshah in the Treasure of the Vikings


  • Shohrukhmirzo Ismailov, Razzakberdi Abdirimov, Bahram Sadullaev, Sabirjan Sabirov


The Great Silk Road has lon g served as an economic, cultural, and political bridge of communication between the East and the West. The regions of our country, which are located at the crossroads of this road, have, of course, established ties with the peoples of the East and the West since ancient times. In this article, we will try to cover the extremely little-studied history of Khorezm in the 10th century from an economic and numismatic point of view. In this regard, we will focus on the trade relations of Khorezm with the countries of Eastern and Northern Europe through the northern road of the Great Silk Road in the middle of the 10th century and the history of the coin of Khorezmshah Ahmad ibn Muhammad in the Swedish Museum of History.