A Study on Different Dimensions on Workforce Diversity in Different Sectors with Reference to Chennai City


  • R. Uma, Dr. I. Savarimuthu


In today's world, diversity isn't something that can be left to chance; it's a must-have phenomenon that any organization must embrace if it wants to compete globally. The performance of employees in the organization is influenced directly or indirectly by this diversified workforce with various characteristics. Employee performance is a crucial determinant of the organization's overall performance. Because there is a paucity of literature in the Indian context on organizational members' perceptions of the impact of workforce diversity on employee performance, the purpose of this study is to determine the relationship between workforce diversity parameters and employee performance from the employee's perspective. Data was gathered from both primary and secondary sources. The study's sample size is 150 people. Employees believe that workforce diversity characteristics have a major impact on employee performance, and the results show that age diversity, gender diversity, ethnicity diversity, and education diversity are all positively connected with employee performance.