Challenges Faced by University Students in Online Education During Covid- 19


  • Nisha Farooq, Amna Saleem


This study aims to identify the issues and challenges faced by university students in online education during COVID-19.It includes all the hurdles faced by the students during the lockdown of this pandemic. The major objectives of the study were, to identify the difficulties faced by higher education students because of converting from the traditional mode to an online system and to recognize the weaknesses and drawbacks of the limited internet and technology resources available in Pakistan for the online education system. This study was descriptive in nature, and a survey method was used for the purpose of data collection. A self-developed questionnaire was prepared for the students by using a convenient sampling technique, and the sample size was 414. Significant findings of study were, most of the students faced problems while attending online classes at home, such as: most students do not know how to operate Zoom LMS, the students find difficulty in contacting their teachers for clarification of their concepts, and they feel more disciplined in attending classes physically. The major recommendations of the study were that university teachers should teach the students about learning through digital media, should also use modern technology for delivering their lectures, and that the government should educate the teachers about different means of teaching effectively through online classes.