Step-by-step in Discovering Future-Ready Educator Attributes


  • Farah Zeehan, Rose Alinda Alias, Zaidatun Tasir, Noor Azizah binti Aziz, Hafiz Muhammad Faisal Shehzad


Future-Ready, Future-Ready Educator, Interview, Thematic Analysis, Systematic Literature Review


This study aims to make a comprehensive understanding for what Future-Ready Educators (FRE) best describe. Limited studies specifically indicate the characteristic of FRE or factors influence FRE motivates this study. This study involved two phases of thematic analysis; namely for systematic literature review (SLR) finding and semi-structured interview finding. Four experts that involved in various Future-Ready projects were selected to participate in our semi-structured interview. Both findings were then rigorously map and compared. Result shows 11 saturated codes out of 22 final codes reflects most of the literature. All 22 factors influence how FRE best describes were classified into six main themes. Social Cognitive Theory was chosen as a theoretical foundation for the analysis. There was significant contribution from this study that will benefits future research on Future-Ready context.