Using Interactive Multimedia iPad During Pandemic: A Thematic Analysis of Students’ Perception


  • Nunu Mahnun, Hazlina Abdullah, Siti Rosilawati Ramlan


Interactive multimedia, iPad, Student Perception, Thematic analysis, Islamic Education


The use of iPad in Islamic education  is an effort to improve the quality of learning. Its application certainly raises various perceptions among students. Perception is a psychological aspect of a person and it is an important element that can affect learning outcomes. Hence, this study is important and timely, especially during the COVID19 pandemic where online learning has become a new normal. The aim of this study is to investigate  how students perceive the use of iPad in learning Islamic education during the pandemic. This study is a qualitative research with a thematic analysis approach using semi-structured interviews with a sample that has been determined by purposive sampling. It consists of 11 participants. Data was collected through focus group discussions. The results of the study revealed that there are four main themes namely: 1) Regarding the feelings of students learning PAI using iPad,  2) Problems in learning PAI using iPad, 3) The advantages of using iPad in PAI learning, 4) Benefits of using iPad in learning. As a follow-up to this study, practical implications that can be used as learning and input for teachers, schools and related education offices are also presented