Having Hope in Allah amidst the Pandemic (The Study of Laᶜlla's Meaning and the Wisdom)


  • Akhmad Sagir, Muhammad Hasan, Ahmad Faqih Ibrahim, Mohamad Alwi Ab Rahman, Khairil Izuan Ibrahim, Muhammad Araby, Taufiqurrahman


Hope; Laᶜalla; Pandemic; COVID-19


The COVID-19 pandemic has had a major impact on humans, both Muslims and humanity in general. The existence of Covid 19 has led to many studies related to the fields of health, social, culture and psychology. Especially for religious people, the important thing is that there are those who have power and are able to control the universe, including the corona virus. He is Allah SWT. Allah has provided humans with positive and negative perceptions. It depends on each person to prioritize which of the two perceptions. However, the choice will have consequences on the psychological and even social reality of the person. This article discusses the meaning and the wisdom of hope in Allah during a pandemic by examining the meaning of the word laᶜalla in the Qur'an. This study uses a qualitative design using document analysis methods ALTAS.ti 9 version The results of the study show that the word laᶜalla is stated in the Qur'an 129 times, which are derived from a noun 6 times, and a verb 123 times. The meaning of hope in the word laᶜalla has the meaning ṭalab or must be implemented. In addition, it can also be interpreted as wish, maybe, or hopefully. Hope in Allah is by remembering Allah's bounty and always being grateful. It also can bring someone closer to Allah, get happiness and peace and also realize that everything is meaningless and powerless except with Allah