Gold Scrap Collecting Procedures in Jewellery Fabrication Process: An Explanatory Case study


  • Saadiah Kaspin, Hanif Khairi, Oskar Hasdinor Hassan, Mohd Saleh Abbas, Muhaimin Haziq Mihat, Noor Adila Mohd Rajili, Nazirah Mohamad Ba’ai


Scrap collecting procedures, Jewellery Fabrication, Explanatory Case study


This paper employed the application of explanatory case study methodology to have a deeper understanding and expand the data related to the gold scrap collecting process managed by the SMEs jewellery industries.  Eventually, the jewellery making industries will be benefited from the recommendations on how to address the potential loss of gold waste during their day-to-day fabrication and workbench process. To facilitate the research deliverables effectively, an in-depth study on the recommended standards operating procedures (SOPs) practices for SMEs through observation and deep dive understanding on the issues based on research goals and questions have been conducted accordingly. Hence, the case study will be able to profile and pinpoint key issues and provide recommendations for the future sustainability of the business for SME players.