The Mediating Role of Institutional Support on Relationship between Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) and Student Satisfaction to Use E-Learning during Covid-19 Pandemic: The Study of Private University in Malaysia


  • Han Kok Heng, Wang RX, Frankie Goh Song Peng, Ira Syazwani binti Zainal Abidin, Vejaratnam Navaratnam, Noor Azlin Abdullah, Ahmad Shakani Abdullah


Institutional Support, e- learning Satisfaction, TAM Model, COVID-19


In these two years, E-learning system has fully become the teaching tools of higher education institutions in Malaysia after lockdowns due to Covid-19 pandemic. Universities strive hard to work with E-learning platforms in providing an effective learning environment and rich online courses for university’s students, but many research findings show that the e-learning teaching outcome is not up to expectation. This study aims to assess the role of institutional support as a mediator on the relationship between variables of Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) and satisfactions of university’s student to use e-learning during COVID-19 pandemic period.  Respondents are among 344 students from different study major who had to study through e-learning education amidst pandemic in private university in Malaysia. The data collected used structures questionnaire and are analyzed by using SPSS. The result of this study reveals that institutional support has partially been mediated on the relationship between satisfaction of student and variables from TAM model namely perceive usefulness and perceive ease of use. The result of this study provides an idea for higher education institution to develop successful online platform in enhancing student’s learning satisfaction