Ethnicity in Khaled Hosseini,s Novels : A Study with Special Reference to Some Selected Novels


  • Sofior Rahman Pramanik


Ethnicity, Pashtuns, Tajik, Hazara, Afghanistan


Ethnicity is a worldwide matter and is based on a cluster of personality originated from some ancestry and share some common traits like language, culture, religion, rite and rituals of the society. Belonging to the same inherited status every member of the ethnic group share same dress -style and have similar physical appearance. "Ethnicity refers to a group of people who are of the same origin, history, values ,attitude and behavior[1].In every nation throught the world, there are some ethnic group. Afghanistan is such a country where there is a large number of ethnic group like - Pashtuns, Hazara, Tajik, Uzbek, Aimak,Turkman,and Beloch etc. Colonization and immigration are the root cause for the development of ethnicity. In other words, ethnicity is the outcome of colonization and immigration. Since Afghanistan was the main trade route and invasion route between Central Asia and Southern Asia with Western Asia, the trader and business man settled here time to time and composed a multi - ethnic nation. In a small country like Afghanistan there are around 30 million population as per census 2011 and there are many ethnic group like - Pashtuns, Tajik, Uzbek, Hazara, Beloch and Turkman. Among the major ethnic group Pashtuns comprise 42% of the whole population following Tajik 27%and Hazara with 10%is third largest ethnic group of the Afghanistan.