Interdisciplinary Education Policy: Public Administration Programs in Ukraine


  • Liudmyla Radovetska, Prof. Olena Bilichak, Murteza Hasanoğlu, Iryna Zhevelieva


Ukraine's politics takes place within a semi-presidential democratic republic representative and multi-party system. Education is a very important issue as one of the sensitive policy areas of a country, which has been a subject to reform, policy and general concern, as well as public debaterecent times. Education as well is one of the most important services provided by public governments in almost every country worldwide. Universities, on the other hand, come to the forefront as the last educational institution that students take before becoming a profession. It is rather a new field to be evaluated of public administration as a separate discipline. In 1887, proposed by Woodrow Wilson, the public administration which was accepted as a separate discipline, by separating from political science. Public administration studies the implementation of government policy and prepares future civil servants for work in the public service. It draws heavily on the fields of political science and administrative law. The goals of public administration are to improve the equality, justice, security, efficiency, and effectiveness of public services, usually in a non-profit, non-taxable venue.

Public administration is an academic and professional discipline that brings many disciplines together that are closely related to society in the field of social sciences.

Public administration education in Ukraine has been the subject of academic study for a long time. However, it has been observed that public administration education has been examined and discussed more intensively in the last period, often subjected to be reformed. Based on the historical analysis, it is intended to carry out a discussion in relation to theoretical and institutional basis of the disciplinein the country as well as the expediency to development and deepening of interdisciplinary approaches, which will open new opportunities for further development of this area.In this study, it is aimed to analyze the PA discipline development line in Ukraine considering its researching object.