Impact of Private Tutoring on Academic Preferences of the Higher Secondary Students: An Empirical Study


  • Manpreet Kaur, Seema Agnihotri, Nalini Srivastava


Private tuitions are considered to be a common phenomenon in most of the developing nations. It has become a necessity for the budget of households for school students, especially the higher secondary students. The trend for attending private tuitions is way stronger at the level of higher education. Several studies have assessed the perceptions of the students on efficiency of the private supplementary tuitions regarding the mainstream schooling. These studies show that a large number of higher secondary students go for private tuitions. Generally, the students perceive that private tutors and private tutoring for being more efficient in provision of support for examination as compared to the mainstream teachers and schooling. However, the perceptions may vary as per the self-reported academic level of the students and their goal of taking private tuitions. Operations of a parallel sector have major implications for nature of the school and thus have to kept in mind by the administrators of the school and the teachers.