An Empirical study of MSME in the Growth of Indian Economy: GDP and GVA Perspective


  • Jolly Rastogi, Dr. Shilpi Jauhari


MSME, Economy, Challenges, Role and Performance, GDP


Purpose: For the growth of Indian Economy Micro, Small and medium enterprises of India is an important driving factor. For the development of Indian economy the MSMEs contribute considerably in through export supply, domestically produced product, low requirements of investment, operational management flexibility, technological oriented enterprises etc. The main role of MSME and its organizations is to facilitate the States in their efforts to stimulate entrepreneurship, employment and sustenance opportunities and   enhance the competitively of MSMEs in this changing scenario of economy. Main purpose of the paper is to analyze the performance and role of MSMEs in Indian economy using  empirical verification.

Methodology: In this research paper, the data was collected from secondary sources and were be analyzed by SPSS tools and techniques like linear regression method. The analysis would be interpreted accordingly to influencing factors.

Outcomes: The participation of Manufacturing Sector including Service Sector in MSMEs is considerable for the total GDP of the Country. Government of India has been taken number of actions & it is in the process of preparing the growth of this Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises in the country.