Effective Teaching Method in Vocational College in Malaysia


  • Mohideen Kutty Omar, Ahmad Nabil Md. Nasir, Mohd. Hizwan Mohd. Hisham, Zakri Tarmidi, Akhmal Sidek


There are many challenges faced by vocational field teachers to ensure that every student is able to master the knowledge appropriate to the industry. Therefore, the practical teaching approach used by teachers in classrooms and workshops must be appropriate and appropriate to the syllabus being developed.The teacher is seen as an important character to ensure that each student who is taught can master the content of the lesson in the classroom well and can master it for the purpose of working later. The objective of this study is to investigate the teaching relationships both the novice teachers’ in Civil Technology Department and their learners of Construction Technology subject at Vocational Colleges which is often used by teachers in conducting the practical workshop. Quantitative studies were employed using questionnaires and the respondents of this research were 131 novice teachers in 45 Vocational Colleges which offer Construction Technology course. Descriptive analysis was used in this study and the data such as mean and standard deviation were analysed. The results showed that the Novice Teachers in Civil Technology Department got high score in delivering the Construction Technology practical subjects which are in line with the industry nowadays. Based on this study, novice teachers are on the track adopt the characteristics of effective teaching relationships as recommended by Faraday et al. (2011) in class in order to ensure that every student will understand and they can use it when they become professional workers in specific Construction industry.