Sustainability Education in the Form of Learning Book Development


  • Edy Widayat, Nur Hasiyatun


Sustainability education aims to provide and facilitate learning, training, and practical experiences in both formal and non-formal education to deal with sustainable development and equip an attitude of caring for the environment. However, teachers in delivering online learning materials during the pandemic use google classroom media in the form of slides on powerpoints, learning videos, and summaries from textbooks, and this has not made students interested in learning for various reasons resulting in the low ability of students to solve problems. This type of research is research and development (R&D) and uses the ADDIE design model. Data collection methods used are questionnaires, interviews, and tests.The results of the study indicate that (1) According to media experts and material experts, the digital books that researchers have made are suitable for use in online learning and are included in the good category, (2) Given that several factors influence the development of digital books during the pandemic, problem-solving abilities have not yet been established.