Change in Statuses and Prospects of Deep-Sea Fishermen: A Case Study in Peninsular Malaysia


  • Norfatiha Othman, Abdul Rahman Abdul Latip, Nor Hayati Sa’at, Nor Hanim Awang Mohd Nor


Although deep-sea fishermen mainly contribute to national fish production, far fewer studies examined the statuses and prospects of deep-sea fishermen across Peninsular Malaysia. Addressing the gaps, a chronological examination concerning the changes that took place in fisheries with a particular focus on deep-sea fishermen was reported. The study emphasising fisheries communities focused on fishermen’s social, economic, and environmental changes. In-depth interviews were carried out with eight key informants who owned deep-sea vessels in Kelantan and Terengganu to explain shifts in deep-sea fishermen’s lives. Results revealed that various facets of the self and deep-sea skippers’ environment prompted the changes. Also, the use of modern technology and greater access to vessel ports contributed to an increase in fishing productivity and fishermen’s income. By focusing on the changes in statuses and prospects of deep-sea fishermen, government initiatives advanced marine fisherman development programmes.