Online Visual Merchandising Elements and its Influence on Purchase Intention: - a Study on Multiproduct Ecommerce Websites


  • Ms.Neethu Jose, Dr.F.J.Peter Kumar, Dr.Sharon Sophia, Mr.Jeffin


Multiproduct e commerce websites, Atmospherics, Web navigation, Web Graphics, Product Demonstration


E-commerce volumes vary severely across countries due to covid 19 pandemic. Due to the increasing importance of e-commerce, the study of Purchase intention is of specific importance since then competition is very high it is relevant to understand the different Online Visual Merchandising Elements. The study focuses on understanding different Online Visual Merchandising Elements which leads to Purchase Intention. Online Visual Merchandising Elements is studied based on different elements namely Atmospherics, Web Navigation, Web Graphics and Product Demonstration. The current study helps to understand the relationship between Online Visual Merchandising Elements and Purchase Intention.

The study will be useful for online retailers. It will help to understand how Online Visual Merchandising Elements can be used effectively to create Purchase intention and thereby increase in sales.