How to Improve the Performance of Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in the Covid-19 Pandemic Era


  • Ina Ratnasari, Anggi Pasca Arnu, Hannie


Social Media Marketing, Entrepreneurial Orientation, MSMEs, Digital Marketing


The era of the Covid-19 pandemic has made many industrial sectors experience a decrease in marketing. Entrepreneurs must find ways to keep their business survive and improve the company's performance continues to remain profitable. Digital marketing activities are one of the strategies for Micro Small Medium Entreprises (MSMEs) to be able to maintain their current business. One form of digital marketing is through social media marketing. However, what should not be missed is how MSMEs continue to improve their entrepreneurial abilities so that they can innovate and continue to be consumers' choices. This study discusses the application of social media marketing and entrepreneurial orientation to the business performance of MSMEs. This study used 200 samples of MSMEs located in West Java and Jakarta. The analytical tool used is Partial Least Square (PLS). The results of this study found that there was an influence of Social Media Marketing and Entrepreneurial Orientation on MSMEs' business performance, either partially or simultaneously.