The Teachers’ Skills in Teaching Sexuality Education to Learners with Intellectual Disabilities in Malaysia


  • Najihah Binti Shuib, Mohd Hanafi Mohd Yasin, Mohd Mokhtar Tahar


Sexuality education, teachers training, intellectual disability, teachers skills, special education needs, educator, learning disability


Good teachers' skills in implementing sexuality education among special needs students in Malaysia result ultimately to good outcomes. Teachers' skills were analysed based on their knowledge, planning, vision, attitude, and commitment towards implementing sexuality education. This quantitative research involving 518 special needs teachers in Malaysia used a set of questionnaires reviewed by experts to assess the validity, content, and criteria. A pilot study was carried out as a requirement of the items' validity and reliability, which was high. Data were analysed using descriptive analysis (percentage, frequency, mean and standard deviation) and inferential analysis (two-way MANOVA). The findings indicated that all four aspects investigated were moderately high. There was a significant difference between teachers' skills in implementing sexuality education based on teaching experience. This study gives more insights into effective measures in elevating the quality of sexuality education for special needs students.