Antecedents and Outcomes of Basic Psychological Needs for Student Well-Being: A Systematic Literature Review of Diary Studies


  • Nurul Fathihah Nor Azhar, Ahmad Jazimin Jusoh


Basic psychological need, the impact of satisfaction or frustration, autonomy, competence, relatedness.


The rising body of Self-Determination Theory (SDT) study in a range of life areas, such as education, emphasizes basic psychological needs. Indeed, it has been demonstrated that supporting need satisfaction (then instead of need frustration) is critical for creating autonomous study motivation, positive study attitudes and behaviors, and student well-being  (Cronin et al., 2019; Müller et al., 2021; Ryan & Deci, 2017; Tilga et al., 2019). The research’s goal was to perform the literature’s systematic review on the basic psychological satisfaction and the frustration impacts in educational practice. The review was predicated on the steps indicated in the PRISMA criteria, and the new research combined different research designs. The publications for this study were identified using two renowned databases: Web of Science and Scopus. This review’s four major themes are derived from a thematic analysis, which includes ((1) research area, (2) instrumentation and language, (3) location of the study, (4) satisfaction’s antecedents and outcomes, as well as (5) antecedents and outcomes of frustration. Thus, the result of the study made several significant additions to the corpus of knowledge and for practical reasons. The following findings demonstrate the significance of aiding students with adjustment strategies: 1) to understand the underlying causes and consequences of frustration and satisfaction in basic psychological needs; 2) to develop adaptation plans techniques that will allow students to strike a balance between life satisfaction and frustration in order to achieve academic success; as well as 3) to offer details on a certain study region and components that should be the subject of future studies.