Psychological endurance and its relationship to self-improvement among young football players


  • Assist. Prof. Dr. Mohsen Mohammed Hassan, Aqil Yassin Abdul Sahib Yassin


psychological endurance, self-improvement, football


The purpose of this paper is to identify the psychological endurance and self-improvement of young football players and to identify the relationship between psychological endurance and self-improvement among young football players. The research community included the youth football players in the Najaf governorate for the sports season (2021-2022), which numbered (210) players distributed over (7) sports clubs, they are (Najaf, Naft Al-Wasat, Kufa, Al-Tadamon, Al-Izdihar, Mashkhab, Al-Khornaq), either the research sample consisted of (120) players from the research community, distributed according to the research requirements.The most important conclusions are that the players of the youth league clubs in the Najaf governorate have a high psychological endurance in football, which is reflected in the advancement of the same players. As well as, there is a positive significant relationship between psychological endurance and self-improvement among football players participating in the youth football league.