Effectiveness of Media Cardboard Hoop Multi-size in Improving Student’s Learning Motivation during Home Learning


  • Rina Syafrida, Ega Trisna Rahayu, Lilis Karyawati, Hinggil Permana, Jarudin


Game-based learning, Cluster strategy, Improving the learning process


The COVID-19 pandemic has forced educational activities conducted from home for all education levels, not least early childhood. There is good cooperation between teachers as learning designers and parents as implementers accompanying children's learning activities at home connected with the policy.  This research aims to develop learning media that can motivate students in learning at home.  Using research and development method with a quantitative approach. Determination of research subjects using Cluster Random Sampling technique whose sample was chosen not from individuals but rather groups or areas called clusters. So, it was selected as an experimental group school in grades B1 and B2 with a total of 10 children each, meaning a total sample of 20. It is using three instruments, namely pre-test, post-test, and learning motivation instrument. The instrument used is a Likert-scale questionnaire to determine the view and learning experience through the CB Hoop game. Based on the post-test results of 20 respondents, 45% rated "agree" and 55% rated it "strongly agreed," with none of the respondents rating it as "disagreeing" or "disagreeing." Many of the students' comments also stated that learning about CB hoop multisite media has been the "best part" motivating learning from home