The Teachers’ Conception of Understanding Classroom Based Assessment (CBA) in Malaysia


  • Halimah Abd Halim, Mohd Isa Hamzah, Hafizhah Zulkifli


Conception, teachers’ understanding, Classroom Based Assessment (CBA), Standard Curriculum


Classroom Based Assessment (CBA) is an ongoing process of teaching and learning to gain information of progress, improvement, ability and students’ mastery of the prepared learning standard in the syllabus (Curriculum Development Division (CDC), 2019). Hence, teachers are advised to understand the needs of CBA in the current education field in order to achieve the objectives. However, previous researches shown that teachers have lack of understanding regarding the needs and objectives of CBA. Thus, this concept paper will discuss the CBA concept and related researches regarding the teachers’ understanding in undertaking the assessment. In conclusion, the teachers’ conception of understanding CBA can be divided into three aspects; objectives of CBA, the preparations of CBA and teachers’ teaching practice. This research also presents few suggestions to improve the teachers’ understanding in current assessment