The Transformation Study of “Mawar Hitam” Short Story by Candra Malik Into Drama Texts: Approach to Literary Eco-Critical


  • Een Nurhasanah, Uah maspuroh, Albert Feisal Ismail, Siti Noor Aneeis Hashim, Juritah Misman, Siti Zuraina Gafar@Abd Ghaffar, Mohd Norazmi Nordin


transformation; short story; drama script; eco-critical approach


This research is about transforming a short story into a drama script entitled "A Study of the Transformation of a Short Story 'Mawar Hitam' into a Dramatic Manuscript: An Eco-critic Approach." Selection of short stories based on themes related to environmental conservation. The method used is descriptive qualitative; the researcher reads the short story thoroughly, collects data, sorts, analyzes, interprets, and concludes the analysis of the transformation of the short story 'Mawar Hitam' by Candra Malik. The results of the analysis of changes and additions in transforming short stories into drama scripts. Changes and additions to dialogue, characters, and settings. Meanwhile, the eco-critical analysis is that there is a prohibition on taking Edelwis flowers based on law number 5 of 1990 and protecting the environment while climbing the mountain. The existence of eco-critical research through literary works can educate the public about the importance of protecting the environment.