Revert Student Online Activity Engagement, Group Discussion and Productivity in Online Learning Environment


  • Mohd Afandi Mat Rani, Muhammad Syahrul Deen Ahmad Rosli, Mohd Izzat Amsyar Mohd Arif, Faezy Adenan, Norazlina Mamat, Nurhidayah Muhamad Hashim, Ikmal Hafiz Jamal


Revert Student, Online class, Activiy Engagement, Productivity


Productivity and impact in the classroom are highly emphasized to achieve the target of producing students with knowledge values and instill an interest in lifelong learning, which is not just teacher -centered as the main presenter, but towards an andragogy learning system that emphasizes student sharing and the construction of output value after learning sessions. Not to be outdone, participants who have just converted to Islam (Mualaf) who participated in revert class education in Malaysia also have some challenges and constraints in understanding the basics of Islamic education and practicing it in life. With time constraints and basic level of education, each student in revert class education is also a teacher who teaches new classmates in class activities and group discussion. However, the effects of the pandemic have caused class sessions to turn to online-based which has new challenges of its own. However, studies that look at the impact of online classes, especially for converts, are very limited. This study bridges the gap by looking at the impact of online -based classes on participants' activity, group discussion and impact on impact and productivity after class. The PLS-SEM method was used in identifying the study constructs conducted on 159 revert education class participants through convenience sampling technique. This study found that online learning is also able to provide a significant impact on productivity and post -learning outcomes. Online activities also significantly lead to group discussions and this adds value to learning outcomes.