Development Model of Entrepreneurial Growth Strategy for Successful Cooperative in Malaysia


  • Suraya Husin, Ahmad Firdause Md Fadzil, Rosfatihah Che Mat, Nur Hazelen Mat Rusok


Cooperatives, Entrepreneurship, Strategic Management and Economic


This conceptual paper reviews the related literature for development model of entrepreneurial growth strategy from successful cooperatives in Malaysia. The study of entrepreneurial growth strategy in cooperatives relatively attractive because it contributes to the development of the country towards GDP, innovation, job creations and social well-being. However, the performance of the cooperative in Malaysia is still disapproving of various issues and challenges affecting its development, stability and growth. Using a strategic entrepreneurship approach from Ireland 2003, this study tries to develop the conceptual framework for enhancing an organization's performance, value creation, competitive advantage, and creating maximum wealth. The strategic entrepreneurship approach is undeveloped to explain of cooperative growth phenomenon instead of other related approaches such as economics and management theories. Therefore, this paper aims to critically review how the previous scholars overlook the elements of strategic entrepreneurship towards cooperative growth strategies. Thus, the development of a comprehensive model through a strategic entrepreneurship approach is essentially based on four primary dimensions, namely; entrepreneurial thinking, culture and leadership, strategic resource management and the application of creativity and innovation to describe on successful cooperative growth strategies in Malaysia. Hence, the role of the cooperatives can be enhanced and become the third contributor to the national economy