New Millennium Transformation of New Convert Education: Qualitative Analysis of Modules and Issues of Teaching Methods


  • Mohd Afandi Mat Rani, Mohd Izzat Amsyar Mohd Arif, Faezy Adenan, Siti Sarah Izham, Shahirah Said, Murihah Abdullah, Mohd Ridhuwan Remly


Educational transformation, convert education module, teaching and learning issues


The learning process among converts is very important and requires comprehensive planning. This group is in the process of building a new self -perception of values, beliefs and practices of life. The authorities in Malaysia responsible for managing the education of converts at the state level are the State Islamic Religious Council (MAIN) and the State Islamic Religious Department (JAIN). Both agencies manage the muallaf education system through guidance classes, courses and workshops organized by their respective states separately. The objective of this study is to identify the development of muallaf education in Malaysia in terms of modules and issues related to teaching methods. This qualitative study was conducted using data collection and data analysis methods. The method of data collection was done through library research. The data obtained were analyzed based on inductive, deductive and comparative methods to obtain the results of the study. The results of this study found that there are many modules that have been produced to enhance the transformation of muallaf education produced by muallaf educational institutions in Malaysia. Yet there are differences with each other due to the different backgrounds of the students and their respective levels of ability. The results of this study can help the management of convert education in improving the effectiveness of modules and comprehensive learning methods.