Outcomes of Laparoscopic Versus Open Hernia Repair- An Original Research


  • Dr. Parth J. Modi, Dr. Satyajit Janugade, Dr. Hemant Janugade


Background:Inguinal hernia repair is the most frequently performed operation in general surgery. The present study compared outcomes of laparoscopic (TAPP Mesh Repair) versus open hernia repair.

Materials & Methods:58 patients of inguinal hernia of both genderswere divided into 2 groups.Group I patients underwent laparoscopic hernioplasty and group II underwent open hernia mesh repair.

Results: Type of hernia was unilateral seen 15 in group I and 16 in group II and, bilateral seen 14 in group I and 13 in group II. Duration of surgery in unilateral in group I was 64.2 minutes and in group II was 46.5 minutes. In bilateral was 122.6 minutes in group I and 86.2 minutes in group II. Duration of hospital stay was 4.6 days in group I and 7.3 days in group II. Time taken to resume daily activities was 4.8 days in group I and 8.2 days in group II. Post-operative pain score was 1.8 in group I and 3.0 in group II. Post- operative complications were wound infection seen in 3 in group I and 5 in group II, seroma formation seen 4 in group I and 6 in group II and urinary retention seen 6 in group I and 7 in group II. The difference was significant (P< 0.05).

Conclusion: Laparoscopic hernia repair has less postoperative morbidity as compared to open hernia repair.