Induction of lambing in Iraqi Awassi ewes by applying different hormonal regimes


  • A. H. Mohammad, T. M. AL-Hamedawi, AL.Yassiri, E.A.


Dexamethasone, Ewe, Estradiol, Induction of lambing


    This study was performed on (18) pregnant  Awassi  ewes in AL-Nahrawan  village/private farm/ Baghdad province with an average of gestation period (140-145 days) according to the breeding dates during the period from October 2020 to April 2021 and their ages ranged from 3-5 years, there ewes   were divided into three equal groups (six ewes on each one) randomly according to the type of hormonal  treatment: 1st group treated with single dose dexamethasone  (20 mg/I.M.), 2nd group  treated with estradiol  benzoate (10 mg / I.M.) as well as  3rd group without treatment  which represented control group. The results which recorded significantly (p > 0.01) between control group compared with treated groups, and significantly (p > 0.01) between the duration of animal response recorded related to treated group compared with control group. As well as the dystocia parturition recorded significantly (p>0.01) in all group in comparison with normal also the viability of offspring, the life fetuses were higher significant compared with dead fetus. In conclusion the hormonal treatment for induction of lambing was safe and effective