Development and Validation of Achievement in Mathematics for Higher Secondary Students in Salem District


  • K.Chandraprakash, Dr.P.Subramanian


Development, Validation, Achievement in Mathematics, Higher Secondary Students, Salem District.


The basis for the study is to development and validation of achievement in mathematics for higher secondary students in Salem district. The investigation was conducted using an instrumentation research design. Stratified random sampling technique was used in selecting a total sample of 110 students from the government, government aided and private schools in Salem district. The test instrument was face-validated by experienced higher secondary students for clarity of words and plausibility of distractions. The achievement in mathematics consisted of 60 multiple choice test items which was administered to students and the response of these students were used in determining students’ mastery ability in the subject. The findings of the study showed that the achievement in mathematics is a valid and reliable instrument for measuring achievements in mathematics tests for higher secondary students in Salem higher secondary schools.