The Mechanism for Judicial Examination of Juvenile Delinquents as One of the Precautionary Measures in Accordance with the Federal Juvenile Law of the United Arab Emirates: A Comparative Study with the United States of America


  • Dr. Muna Salim Alwasmi


juvenile law, UAE federal law, USA and UAE laws, delinquency, judicial examination



In the USA, the electronic bracelet is followed in the juvenile judicial examination mechanism, however, in the federal law of UAE, the picture is unclear in terms of a judicial testing mechanism use. The UAE Federal Law of Juvenile Delinquent and Homeless Law No. 9 of 1976 has been quite old and requires revisions to keep up with the current times and newer developments.


The article presents a comparative study on the Juvenile Delinquent Laws of UAE and the Juvenile Delinquent Laws of the USA. Literature review of selected articles of relevancy was conducted to provide a comparative study.


The results of the study showed that the difference between the UAE Federal Law of Juvenile Delinquent and Homeless Law No. 9 of 1976 and the Juvenile Federal Law of the USA.


The use of electronic monitoring equipment is quite prevalent in the USA, saving them millions of dollars every year. It is recommended that the use of Electronic Monitoring be adopted in the Federal Law No. 9 of UAE for increasing the efficiency of the system and keeping in track with the current times.