Socio-economic status of the Tai Ahoms of Assam in India


  • Bornali Hati Boruah


Socio-economic status, Tai Ahom, Agriculturalist, Assamese society, Distinct identity


The present study deals with the Socio-economic status of the Tai Ahom in Assam in relate to their identity issue. The present study visualized that the socio economic status of Tai Ahom is inconclusive. The Tai Ahoms are mainly agriculturalist and still continuing the traditional agricultural practices. The real Tai Ahom people are still among the poor segment of Assamese society. Moreover, Tai Ahoms have certain peculiar ethno-socio-cultural and characteristics which are different from those of other tribes and non tribes of Assam. A significant number of Tai Ahom people are still holdings their indigenous faiths and they feel proud to have unique culture, tradition and customs etc. Tai Ahom community demands constitutional safeguards as a means for recognition of distinct identity, to preserve their distinctness, history, culture and people from the adverse impacts of Modernization, Globalization and illegal immigration as well as assimilation into the larger Assamese Hindu fold.