Emerging Role of Information Technology for the Deaf Sportsmen during Lockdowns


  • Sajjad Hussain Qureshi, Syed Zain Ul Abdin Bukhari, Muzamil Zubair


Complete banned on sports activities during the corona days urge the need of computer based guidance for the deaf sportsmen during the lockdown period. The players of cricket, hockey and football were facing problems in the improvement of their skills without physical appearances in the ground. The study was performed to find out the use of information technology for the deaf players. The mixed method research approach was used to collect and analyze the data and significance of the results was performed using chi square test. It was observed that significant differences were found among the deaf players for communication, perfecting athletic movements and eliminating injuries except performance tracking and storing personal data for the use of computer by the players during the corona days. Significant differences were also studied for health issues, training schedules, video feedback, online registration and profile verification for the use of internet by the players during the corona days. Study showed significant differences for high cost of technology, destroy the spirit of the game, correct decision making by the referees and increase of illegal substances except for high quality training facility in the impact of technology on the players. Non significant differences in performance tracking, storing personal data and high quality training facility showed that all the players got technology benefits for these purposes during the corona days. The paper not only helps in establishing the role of computer based technology for the players but also provides the guidelines for deaf players for the improvement of their skills and fitness using technology.