From Recognition to Purchase: Understanding the Role of Brand Awareness in Driving Consumer Behavior in Pakistan


  • Neelam Akbar, Imran Rafiq, Kausar Takrim, Faiza Tauqeer, Shabana Sajjad


Brand awareness is said to be the prime ladder in generating differential positive image about the brand that can trigger consumer purchase intentions in Textile and clothing industry. The textile and clothing sector is expanding in a rapid pace; the youngsters seem to be the engine of change, accounting for around 32% of Pakistan population. The current study aims to assess the relationship between brand awareness and consumer purchase intentions with the role of brand image as a moderating variable in the textile and clothing sector of Pakistan. A structured questionnaire that was adapted from previous studies were distributed through emails and personally administered techniques among target group of customers by employing simple random sampling in universities, colleges, and sub-campuses affiliated colleges in Dera Ismail Khan, Peshawar, and Malakand divisions. 320 survey instruments were processed through SPSS and AMOS 23 version. The findings revealed significantly positive relationship between brand awareness and consumer purchase intentions; that supports the first hypothesis of the study. The role of brand image as moderator divulged significant connection that indicates the moderation interaction effects of brand image between brand awareness and consumer purchase intentions. Therefore, the findings support the second hypothesis of the study that revealed that the brand image moderates the relationship between brand awareness and consumer purchase intentions. The findings of the study can assist corporate brand managers in devising their marketing communications that can generates maximum level of brand awareness. Potential researchers can incorporate the ladder-up augmented benefits in the existing model in glaring its impact on consumer purchase intentions. Future research can take other industries in assessing the impact of brand awareness on consumers purchase intentions in diverse socio-cultural settings.