The Role of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) in Prevention and Treatment of HIV/AIDS in District Kech


  • Jummah khan, Siraj Bashir, Muneera, Rukhshanda Zarar


Non-Governmental Organizations, Prevention and Treatment, HIV/AIDS, Kech; Balochistan


The Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) has become a need of this modern world and no one can deny the role of NGOs in the developing world. The NGOs are not only playing their role in development but also in health sectors. Especially in health sectors, private organizations have an important role because in developing region it is not possible for local government to provide modern health facilities to population and control the chronic disease such as HIV/AIDS. In such situations, NGOs become involved in these developing countries to counter the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Non-Governmental Organizations are working on HIV/AIDS in Kech, Balochistan to prevent the further spread of the virus in district. For this purpose, NGOs are working on several programs in Kech, under these programs NGOs were provided the free test services among the population to find out positive cases and they proved them effective treatment. The study was conducted under the objectives of finding the major role of NGOs in the prevention and treatment of HIV/AIDS and socio-cultural hurdles faced by NGOs in control and treatment of virus. The mixed methodology of study came to the results after collecting primary and secondary data through questionnaire schedule, that the NGOs provided the free treatment and services to the HIV/AIDS patients. Moreover, NGOs became success to control the virus in some extend through HIV/AIDS awareness education. In addition, NGOs also faced some social and cultural barriers in the prevention and treatment of HIV/AIDS. Finally, private organizations’ success was to limit the spread of virus but it more efforts eliminate the HIV/AIDS in district. This is the time for the Government of Balochistan to take groundbreaking steps on HIV/AIDS treatment and prevention.