The Effect of Knowledge Sharing Behavior on Teachers’ Performance at Intermediate Level


  • Ayesha Batool, Amna Saleem, Iqra Toor


Knowledge sharing is the main source of acquisition a competitive gain and achieving long-term success. It’s a common misconception that academics have a strong tendency to guard their knowledge and intellectual assets. Finding out how knowledge-sharing behavior affects teachers' performance was the study's main goal. This study used a causal-comparative research methodology and was quantitative in nature. Data was collected from teachers of public degree colleges in Lahore. Knowledge sharing behavior scale and teachers' performance questionnaire (that assessed four dimensions teaching skills, discipline and regularity, management skills and interpersonal relations) were used to gathering information. Inferential and descriptive statistics were used for analysis the data. The results showed that there is significant effect of knowledge sharing behavior on teachers’ performance. This study would provide a valuable contribution to the body of knowledge already available on knowledge sharing in general and instructors' knowledge sharing behavior in particular.