A Study of Efficiency of Classroom Management with Stress Management Training Towards Students


  • Amit Kumar Mandal, Dr. Shweta Talesara


Impact, Meticulously, Threatening, Hazardous, Stress Management.


Stress is definitely a big word with even bigger impact; however this can be dealt with small changes that we bring in our day to day life. Stress is experienced by managers, financers, government officials, administrators, politicians, house wives and is most prevalent amongst students nowadays. It is essential to identify the cause of the stress so that it can be addressed meticulously and efficient interventions can be outlined. Stress is always seen as subjective process and encompasses individual’s personal analysis and counter to a threatening event. Stress can result in depression, anxiety and many other hazardous conditions. The rise in the number of workshops being conducted for Stress Management, various articles being published, research reports etc. is an implication of the escalation of stress related cases in the past few decades. This study deals with the conceptual framework of the stress, causes of stress amongst students and the ways to manage stress.