Honor Killing; A Socio-Psychological Phenomenon?


  • Sundas Malik, Faiza Parveen, Ayesha Aziz, Farhat Asghar Rana, Muhammad Sohail Siddiq, Bareera Nazir


Honor killings, Ghairat, Pakistan, Islam, family, Women, Laws, Tribal Customs, Traditions.


This research analysis the reasons, usually mentioned in connection to the questionable “honor killings”. In this manner, the aim is to debate the idea of “honor killings” by viewing trends and patterns in Pakistan. This study explores the legal and judicial obstacles change the manner of swing and finish to the abuse of killing girls within the name of honor. This study analyzes the “honor killing” cases during different periods of time. It further discusses about Islam in the matter of honor killing and tries to get rid of the misconception within the minds of the West relating to Islamic teachings towards girls. The results show that the norms and culture have a big role in upholding the ancient follow of “honor killings” in Asian nations, and Islam has no link with the abuse of “honor killing” generally. It is an ancient social group phenomena that have entered in some cultural norms of the society. Honor killing is a practiced in Pakistan as well as numerous different regions. The paper in the last segment further gives proof of the consistency of global commitment in regards to the assurance of females' rights. The article distinguishes the component that is keeping the act of honor killing and prescribes to alter the law to handle that matter also. In this paper the socio-psychological phenomena of honor killing in Pakistan is discussed.