Awareness of Reproductive Rights Among Highly Educated Females of Islamabad


  • Rabia Manzoor Faiza Parveen, Bilal Ahmed, Dr Haji ur Rahman, Adeel Mughal, Dr. Sadia Saeed


Awareness, Reproductive Rights, Highly Educated Females


This study sought to determine how well-educated women have awareness regarding their reproductive rights. Decision making and awareness of reproductive rights is still a labyrinth among the highly educated women among the Pakistani women. The advancement of women's reproductive health and rights has been designated as a top priority by both the World Health Organization and the United Nations. The study underlined the basic research question of the awareness level of the reproductive rights.  The study opted the qualitative research design. The respondents of the study were married women from the Islamabad. Therefore, the researcher gathered the data from 10 respondents through the purposive sampling technique. The data was collected through the face to face to interview guide. The data were analyzed through the thematic analysis technique. The findings of this study most of the women know their reproductive rights and they practices easily, few of them are not aware of their reproductive rights. The study has recommended that there is dire need for the government to takes initiative regarding the reproductive rights of women through media and the other platforms.