Modulation in Pharmaceutical Marketing during Covid-19 Period Causing Impingement on Prescribing Behaviour of Indian Doctors: A Critical Review


  • Rahul Srivastava, Vishnu Prakash Mishra


The third-largest by volume and the fourteenth-largest by value in the world is the pharmaceutical industry in India. It is one of the highest distributors of medicines in the world. The pharmaceutical market of India has unique characteristics and differentiate it from other countries. It has its own opportunities and challenges.

There are only certain sectors which have flourished in Covid -19 period and pharmaceutical industry is one of them. Pharmaceutical marketing strategies in right direction will play an important role in the changing scenario. Those Pharmaceutical companies which will be selecting strategically correct marketing strategy, to influence the prescribing behaviour of doctors will be benefitting maximum. Huge promotional budget is allotted by the pharmaceutical companies for the advertisement of products, but choosing correct method of influencing the prescribing behaviour of doctors has a vast significance. This paper review & examine the various pharmaceutical strategies applied by the companies on doctors and their impact.

Research has a vast academic relevance that it will provide an in-depth insight in the field of pharmaceutical marketing and managerial relevance in a way that conclusions of this research will guide the pharmaceutical companies to make better decision making in regards to selection of efficient pharmaceutical marketing strategy. The finding reveals that there are several strategies which are being used by pharmaceutical companies and there is a strong effect of these pharma marketing methods.