A Study on Consumer Satisfaction towards Okinawa E-Bike with Special Reference to Kolhapur City


  • Paheli Nigam, Neetu Kumari, Amol Shivaji Patil, Ashwini Kumar, Vinita Tiwari


India is the second most prominent maker and formation of E-bikes on the world. The core of vehicle industry that was revaluated with the welcome of eco-obliging improvement is good to go to see sunrise of new time in bike industry.The primary purpose of this study is to the identify the relationship between the factors and customer satisfaction. Factors considered for research are Price, Suspension, Charging Time, Built Quality, Warranty, Maintenance Cost, Security Alerts, Brand Name, Mileage, Motor Power. Descriptive research design has been used and convenience sampling method used for the collecting the data.Structured questionnaire used for the collecting primary data. Regression Analysis was being performed on the data collected to find out the factors that was studied affecting the satisfaction of the Okinawa E-bike customers. Finding of the study