Teaching Creative Writing through Reading Activities: A Study at Intermediate Level ESL Students


  • Tariq Ali, Dr. Samina Sarwat, Zaheer Ahmed, Waheed Shahzad


Creative writing, Reading, Intermediate level, ESL


This research aims at devising a helpful method to teach creative writing to students. The focus of this research is on certain qualities of creative writing like novelty, accuracy, fluency, and flexibility which is the final goal of all related to teaching and learning to write creatively and persuasively. The researcher has conducted an experiment on the 12-grade students to teach them creative writing through reading activities. The study was conducted for 12 weeks in the 2020-2021 academic year, at the Superior group of colleges Rahim Yar Khan. The sample consists of 40 students equally divided into two groups, experimental and control groups. In this study, a pre and posttest design was used. The experimental group was taught through reading activities designed by the researcher, while the traditional method was used for the control group. The students in the experimental group received moral stories for reading. The students in the experimental group were asked to reframe the story by using their imagination. Whereas the control group was not given any specific treatment and was meant to serve as a comparison group. The performance of the experimental groups was measured and analyzed through pre and posttest’s scores, it was noted that there was a significant statistical difference in the pre-and posttest scores. The posttest’s scores also showed a significant difference in the mean scores of the experimental and control groups. The posttest scores of mean values were also in favor of the experimental group. The result shows that reading activities have a positive impact on developing the student’s creative writing.