Nostalgia Marketing of Tourism and Hospitality in South Asia: Leverage to India


  • Dr. R. Gokilavani, Dr. M. Durgarani, Dr. S. Krishnakumari


Tourism plays a utmost implication in worldwide landscape with relation to financial and communal phenomenon. The modernization of the economy and  socio- cultural switch-over can be the influence for tourism and travel industry as a whole specially for South Asian market where it possess lots of culture , custom and landscape as a base. One of the objective of SAARC being the achievement of economic and socio cultural interdependence for the integrated development, endorsement of socio cultural exchange through travel and tourism is a good source( 1). The study shows that India attracts special attention in tourism due to its heritage and other competitive advantage. Hence, Indian Tourism sector can use specific marketing strategy to influence people who travel around the world. India, being the fast growing economy which is moving towards modern society, Nostalgia  is playing an important role in marketing. With the increasing contemporary life, recalling the times of past gives great pleasure and is also a sort of luxury in recent days. Nostalgia is a good way to communicate with consumers and it is creating a positive way in the marketing field. Current Pandemic situation has a negative psychological impact and tourism will support people to overcome it. COVID 19 has also developed fear factor and longingness to spend quality of time with friends and family which would create nostalgia .Nostalgia through tourism creates positive atmosphere hence this study would also help the tourism industry to recoup. This study explicates that significant difference exits among profile of tourists and nostalgia. Events, locations and nostalgia proneness are positively, moderately and significantly related..