Prediction and Classification of Pomegranate Fruit Disease Using Proficient Classifier


  • S.Thennammai, Dr. A. Kanagaraj


Image Pre-Processing, Segmentation, Feature Extraction and Classification.


Pomegranate is one of the commercial and drought tolerant crops so in India Pomegranate growers are the important part of agriculture sector where they present worthy share in agriculture economy. Pomegranates are one of the healthiest fruits which have a wide range of beneficial plant compounds while it cannot be compared with other foods. According to the research studies which found that they have incredible advantage for human body and reduces the risk of all sorts of diseases. Pomegranates are enjoyed by the human beings by getting the benefits of pomegranates by consuming it as a syrup or by eating seeds, juice, paste etc. Pomegranates are beneficial for cartilage related problems and at the time of baby’s birth brain damage problem. To improve the prediction of diseases in pomegranates, computer aided technology was more helpful. The proposed research work contains four phases such as image pre-processing, Segmentation, feature extraction and classification with proficient algorithms.