Impact of Amine Functional Group on Rice Husk Ash Samples Derived From Rice Husk: A Comparative Co2 Adsortion Studies


  • Anil Kumar Turaka, P. Geetha, Ch. Bhargavathi, G. Sirisha, G. Hima Bindu Sri


      Surface modifications with amine functionalized materials have greater ability for the capture of CO2. In general, porous materials are widely applicable for CO2 adsorption due to their high surface area and easily susceptible nature for the surface modification by amine functional groups. The main objective of this work presented is to develop a Nano porous solid adsorbent which can serve as a best adsorbent for CO2. Rice husk ash samples prepared at different temperatures under N2+steam atmospheres are impregnated with Mono Ethyl Amine (MEA), Di Ethyl Amine (DEA) and Poly Ethylene Imine (PEI) in 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25 wt.%. All these samples are subjected to Characterization studies and CO2 adsorption studies.