Grade Inflation in Pakistan: How Last Decade Depicted


  • Qasim Sajjad, Naveed Ahmad Taseer, Ahsaan Siddique, Ayesha Afzaal


            Researchers in Pakistan have discovered grade inflation among the Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (BISE) to control student achievement concerns. Many experts have said that during the 1980s, the grading system in schools has seen an incredible beneficial shift. The scholarly study brings attention to the deteriorating quality of education in Pakistan. It is descriptive research using numbers. Grade inflation in Lahore, secondary schools of Pakistan, focuses on new research that uses data from students who finished their SSC examinations between 2012 and 2018. A descriptive study was carried out. It has been determined whether or not BISE Lahore students are experiencing grade inflation regardless of whether the average grades of BISE Lahore students have increased significantly over the last five years. Additionally, the research explains the reasons and circumstances that lead to grade inflation. To improve the students' evaluation method, BISE Lahore was advised to update its grading system and compare it to the worldwide grading system.