A Study on Audience Perception & Response Towards Digital Marketing Platforms


  • Dr. Sathi Jyothirmaye Reddy


The requirements of human changed over the period. With the very basic necessities of human like housing, food & clothing for their survival, these days internet & be online has also become the most important necessity for humans. Around 4,54BN users who are quite active using internet worldwide. As far as India is concerned, it’s a 2nd largest internet users based market with the approx. figure of 560 million. As per few studies, average time people spend on internet minimum 3-4 hours every day, that's why web based advertising & marketing has become the most successful ways of business now-a-days. Digital platforms, always try to engage people or customers through their brand awareness & giving them many offers so that they can turn potential customers towards their brand at right time and establishing a digital connection with them. Digitalization made the business activities ease & beneficial for customers. Almost all kind of business opted digital platform whether it's related to manufacturing to distribution of products & services. Advertising & marketing has also become so easy through digitalization and gaining lot of momentum this study suggested findings that audience perception is having positive impact on purchase intention. Also, Interactivity, trendiness and word of mouth are having positive impact on formation of perception of the Audience with respect to digital platforms. The results also suggested that informativeness and personalization does not have positive impact on formation of the attitude.