The Problem of Man, Age and its Repercussion on Modern European Plastic Art


  • Ban Sameer Shihab Al-Azzawi, Prof. Dr. Abbas Nori Al-Fatlawi


A (Problem - Man - Age - its Repercussions)


The current study deals with the study of (the problem of man and age) quoting this problem from the emergence of different methods specific to each artist, and the transformations that accompanied those methods in the intellectual, value and social system and the new effective political and economic variables and the reflection of all this on the paths and visions of modern Western plastic art in form and content.

The study community was accurately limited, so the researchers were compelled to adopt what is available and documented from photographers in foreign sources, technical books and the global Internet to benefit from them in a way that covers the limits of the research and achieves its objective. The total number of works amounted to (20) models of artistic works of the expressive schools (Expressionism - Dadaism-Surrealism) which represent the current research community. The researcher adopted the descriptive analytical approach and chose three samples from the study community